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The Your Utah, Your Future Awards are back!

The awards ceremony will be held on May 23, 2019. The following are Your Utah, Your Future Awards winners by category:

Cornerstone One: A Network of Quality Communities
West Valley City Fairbourne Station
Holladay Village Center

Cornerstone Two: Homes, Buildings, Landscaping and Cars of the Future
Mark Miller Toyota: Smog Rating Window Sticker
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Disaster Resilience

Cornerstone Three: A Thriving Rural Utah
Grand County High Density Housing Overlay Ordinance 

Cornerstone Four: People Prepared for the Future
Salt Lake City School District Peer Assistance Review Program 

Lifetime Achievement Award
Wilf Sommerkorn 

                                 D5A7592 .      Utah Aerospace Pathways


In the past, Envision Utah’s Governor’s Quality Growth Awards recognized exemplary projects and communities that keep Utah beautiful, prosperous and neighborly for future generations. Having rebranded the awards as the Your Utah Your Future Awards, Envision Utah, the Governor’s Office, and the Quality Growth Commission are again looking to recognize projects that have made significant impacts on key topic areas in Utah, contributing to livability across the state.

The Your Utah Your Future Awards honor plans, developments, and other projects that support the implementation of the Your Utah, Your Future vision. By building attractive, lively, and safe environments, award-winning projects add value to our communities and support a Utah that is safe, secure, and resilient; prosperous; neighborly, fair and caring; and healthy, beautiful, and clean.