2017 Utah Water Strategy Recommendations Presented to Gov. Herbert

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The State Water Strategy Advisory Team recently presented recommendations for a 50-year water strategy — the result of four years of research, intense discussion and public input — to Governor Gary Herbert. Click here to download the Recommended State Water Strategy.

The recommendations include actions to be taken by state and local leaders, businesses, Utah families and others to ensure Utah has the water resources to maintain a high quality of life, a healthy environment and a thriving economy. The recommendations cover 11 different topics including conservation, water supply management, ecosystem health, water funding and more.



The Drafting Process and Advisory Team

The process to create this document began in 2013 when Gov. Herbert asked the State Water Strategy Advisory Team to make recommendations for a state water strategy that would meet Utah’s water needs through 2060 — when Utah’s population will be double what it is today. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to ensure Utah has adequate water resources to maintain a high quality of life, a healthy environment and a thriving economy for generations to come.

The advisory team is chaired by three long-time water experts, Warren Peterson, Tage Flint and Representative Tim Hawkes. Envision Utah, a nonprofit organization focused on finding collaborative solutions to Utah’s long-term challenges, helped facilitate the work of the advisory team.

Unprecedented Public Involvement

Members of the advisory team have dedicated countless hours of research, intense discussion and listening to the public to write these recommendations. In addition to preparation of recommendations to Gov. Herbert, the advisory team was part of the Your Utah, Your Future effort that gathered input from more than 52,000 Utahns. Advisory team members have also taken public comments both formally and informally. An early version of the recommendations document was also open for public comment during the fall of last year.

“There’s likely never been a process like this that’s received so much public input,” said Tim Hawkes, one of the advisory team chairs. “But that’s how we have to deal with water in Utah. Every decision about how we use our water affects someone or something else downstream. So we’ve needed input from researchers and experts, but we’ve also needed input from Utah citizens — and we’ll continue to need that collaborative discussion moving forward.”

We'd like to extend a special thanks to the Team and the work they put into creating recommendations that can help us secure a vibrant and sustainable water future.

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