Clean Air Action Team

 The Clean Air Action Team Recommends
The Following Immediate Actions: 

(1) bring cleaner cars and fuel to Utah as soon as possible

(2) eliminate wood burning during inversions

(3) expand public transportation and invest in facilities to make biking and walking more convenient

(4) increase the Utah Division of Air Quality’s budget and authority

(5) continue and expand the “Let’s Clear the Air” public education campaign

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The Clean Air Action Team

On October 15, 2013, Governor Gary Herbert announced that he was asking Envision Utah to convene and facilitate the efforts of a Clean Air Action Team. The Action Team includes representatives from health care, business, nonprofit organizations, government, academia, transportation, and more. This independent team will work to provide a set of broadly supported recommendations to improve our air quality. These recommendations can then be implemented by government, businesses, and individuals. All ideas are on the table for evaluation.

The Clean Air Action Implementation Team

Envision Utah is currently planning to reconvene many of the stakeholders involved in the original Clean Air Action Team to form an Implementation Team for these strategies, specifically focusing on Better Buildings and Cleaner Cars. Click here to read more about the Implementation Team.

Process Description:


Prepare a broadly supported vision and recommendations that will improve Utah’s air quality in the short, medium, and long term.


To be successful, recommendations must have broad support among key stakeholders and the public. The public has the right to choose and, when presented with good information, will make wise choices. The role of the Clean Air Action Team is not to decide on recommendations and then educate Utahns about what was decided, but instead to frame choices and their consequences (in terms of cost and benefit) so that the public can decide the course forward. Choices and their consequences should be analyzed and presented in an unbiased, principled way.


It is proposed that the Clean Air Action Team will proceed as follows:

  1. 1. Solicit public input regarding potential short-, medium-, and long-term strategies to consider. This could be done through web tools and through public workshops.
  2. 2. Establish a manageable number of strategies to analyze for reducing emissions.
  3. 3. Determine whether there are short-term strategies that could be implemented this winter (e.g., through a public education campaign designed to change behavior).
  4. 4. Analyze the strategies based upon their effectiveness in reducing emissions and the costs of implementing the strategies.
  5. 5. Present in a simple format the potential choices, along with their costs and benefits, to the public and allow them to provide feedback through an online survey that will be validated by a statistical survey. A public awareness campaign will invite as many people as possible to participate.
  6. 6. Based upon public feedback, establish an air quality vision and recommendations.

Ground Rules

Members of the Clean Air Action Team should:

  • Be courteous toward one another.
  • Give honest and fair consideration to every idea.
  • Respect and consider the desires of the people of the State of Utah.
  • Be solution-oriented. It is not the task of the group to lay blame or to evaluate scientific research about the health consequences of air pollution. The group begins with the common understanding that Utah’s air quality should be improved.

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