Envision Cache Valley

Envision Cache Valley

Faced with a doubling of population in only a few decades, Cache Valley's residents participated in dozens of community workshops, forging a vision for a future that preserves what they love about their region and accommodates the tremendous growth that will occur as their children and grandchildren are born.

Uniting under the vision, "Keep the city, city: invest in our towns—our centers for living, industry and culture. Keep the country, country: protect the agricultural and natural lands that sustain us," the region is taking action. Regional and local implementation frameworks to realize goals note that specific vision principles can be implemented in a variety of ways to be both locally relevant and regionally impactful.

Cache County appointed a full-time staff member to assist with implementation work. The region and its towns and cities benefit from regular planning policy training, updated general plan and zoning codes, and project tours that highlight replicable best practices from other Utah communities. Logan and North Logan implemented major new codes to enhance their downtowns and neighborhoods, and several towns developed new capacity and policy implementing vision components.

Logan city enacted a type of form based code that, as the city develops and redevelops, will enhance existing neighborhoods, revitalize Main Street by allowing apartments and condos as part of redevelopment projects, and promotes mixed use student housing near the campus. In North Logan, a master plan was developed followed by form based code to create a downtown that could provide the city with its own identity. The plan and code calls for a mixture of housing, office, retail, and parks. Their desire was to create a sense of place rather than continue development of single family homes throughout the city.

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Regional Visioning
  • Project Date: 2010