Vision Dixie

Vision Dixie

The historic Vision Dixie planning process enabled a balanced discussion of growth and public lands protection in Utah's Dixie, a rapidly urbanizing area in the southern part of the state. Recognizing the complexity of land use issues in the region, the process brought together a wide range of stakeholders with varied perspectives into a public process. The effort yielded agreement on 10 growth principles which were adopted by the Washington County Commission and supported by local municipalities.

One of the most notable outcomes of the vision is its influence on the Washington County Growth and Conservation Act, a landmark federal lands bill that resolves long-running, contentious public land issues in a way that protects the land, the economy, and the way of life in the region.

Communities in Utah's Dixie continue to use the vision's principles as a guide when making land use decisions, maintaining a commitment to:

  • Plan regionally, implement locally
  • Conserve water and maintain air and water quality
  • Guard signature scenic landscapes
  • Provide rich, connected natural recreation and open space
  • Build balanced transportation
  • Focus growth in walkable centers that include housing, jobs and services
  • Direct growth inward
  • Provide a broad range of housing types
  • Reserve key areas for industry to grow the economic pie
  • Engage in focused and strategic public lands conversion

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Regional Visioning
  • Project Date: 2007