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Envisioning Centers is a planning and implementation process for smaller areas. The creation of the tool was an effort conceptualized and led by Envision Utah. It’s purpose is to synthesize the use of the Wasatch Choice for 2040 tools, establishing a guided process for communities to plan using a thorough scenario planning process.

The tool outlines and illustrates a scenario planning process that enables a community to explore a range of options and weigh the associated benefits and challenges. While developed especially with areas near transit stations in mind, the Envisioning Centers process is useful for any community planning effort, particularly those in which walkability and ease of access to housing, jobs, and services is desired. It is intended to be adapted as is best for individual communities.

What is the objective?

Envisioning Centers is a process that guides small areas from visioning to implementation and action. Communities are able to involve citizens and other leaders in a collaborative effort to determine their collective future. It integrates the tools together in a way that allows plans to go from creation, cost/ benefit analysis, public review, implementation, and finally performance measurement.

Who would benefit?

Local planners seeking a streamlined scenario planning process with a guide to implementation and progress measures.


Envisioning Centers was designed to be both useful and user friendly, as well as customizable. The tool guides a user from creating a framework for the process which they are looking to undergo to visioning, implementing, and measuring progress. It suggests appropriate tools for each step in the progress as well as best practices. The envisioning centers approach to scenario planning can be the key local planning efforts need to go from conceptualization to implementation.

What does the tool require?

The Implementing Centers tool is free. Under the Wasatch Choice for 2040 vision, this tool was created to be a free resource for communities. Internet access is required to use the Envisioning Centers tool.

Use the 10-step tool

Click on the links below to visit the Wasatch Front Regional Council website where the tool is currently housed.

1. Create the Framework for your process

2. Set up for scenario planning

3. Evaluate where you are today

4. Evaluate what happens if we stay on our current path

5. Envision with the community and stakeholders

6. Create alternative scenarios

7. Share scenarios with the community and stakeholders: get feedback

8. Create and share the vision

9. Implement the vision

10. Measure progreses

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