Urban Planning Tools for Quality Growth

Now, more than ever, local municipalities are looking for tools to help them plan for the future of their communities. Timing is critical for communities to work together to protect Utah's quality of life for future generations. Envision Utah is committed to assisting communities, throughout the Greater Wasatch Area, by providing them with needed tools and resources to help preserve critical lands, conserve water resources, enhance air quality, develop alternative transportation choices and create housing options for all residents.

Envision Utah has developed a toolbox, "Urban Planning Tools for Quality Growth". Using examples of local and national development codes, design standards, and innovative planning strategies, the Toolbox is designed to assist communities as they plan for the future through various types and stages of development. Topics include: protecting sensitive lands, meeting housing needs of residents, creating pedestrian-friendly residential and commercial development, re-using our underutilized lands, increasing public safety through street design, conserving water resources, using energy wisely and enhancing urban forests in our communities.

Envision Utah offers special training opportunities to help interested citizens, mayors, commissioners, city council members, planning commissioners, developers, realtors and other key stakeholders learn more about our Implementation Toolbox. The purpose of the training is to bring a more in depth understanding of the issues covered in the toolbox to help maximize its effectiveness. The Toolbox is available FREE OF CHARGE to groups willing to participate in the workshop. Those not able to participate in a training session can purchase the toolbox for $50.00.

To purchase a hard copy of the Urban Planning Tools for Quality Growth toolbox please call (801) 303-1462.