Compact Housing

In February 2006, Envision Utah introduced its new resource, Workforce Housing: Markets, Realities, Concerns and Solutions. Utah's demographics are undergoing dramatic changes that drive demand for a broader diversity of housing types than is now available, yet many communities are apprehensive about changes they perceive such housing may bring.

This compilation includes research on:

  • Utah's changing housing market
  • Potential advantages and negative impacts of multi-family housing on property values, parking, traffic congestion, and crime
  • Public opinion and attitudes towards housing alternatives
  • Model ordinances, innovative zoning strategies, and compatible design criteria

The American Express Center for Community Development, Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund, ChevronTexaco, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation, Fannie Mae, Garbett Homes, Morgan Stanley Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank funded this resource. Municipalities can obtain free copies by calling Kevin Fayles with Envision Utah at (801) 303-1462.