Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+)


ETPlus Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+) is an open-access scenario planning package that allows users to "paint" development scenarios on the landscape, and compare scenario outcomes in real time.

Scenario comparisons include a comprehensive range of indicators relating to land use, housing, demographics, economic growth, development feasibility, fiscal impacts, transportation, environmental factors, and quality of life. ET+ provides a quick, sketch-level glimpse of the possible impacts of policies, development decisions and current growth trajectories, and can be used by communities to develop a shared vision of a desirable and attainable future. It can be applied at scales from a single parcel to a metropolitan region.


These training videos will provide a comprehensive overview of ET+.

Getting Started and Downloads

Envision Tomorrow Plus system requirements, downloads, and resources that can assist you with using ET+ in Utah.


Frequently Asked Questions about Envision Tomorrow Plus.