Template Form-Based Code Organization Chart

The Template Form-Based Code is made up of six primary sections designed interact with each other: Places Types, Districts, Uses, Building Types, Street Types, and Open Space Types.

These six primary code sections contain the elements illustrated below. All information should be calibrated specifically to meet the goals and vision of a specific place.


Tier 1: Place Types

The Place Types make up the organizing structure for the Template Code. Application of the code to a particular location requires selecting and calibrating one of the provided Place Types, either to represent the existing, the desired, or a combination of existing and desired form and use of the place. Each Place Type then permits a unique combination of all of the other elements of the Template Code (Districts - Uses and Building Types, Streets, and Open Spaces), working together to result in the desired physical form for the area. 

Note that a Special Use/Campus Place Type is shown here in gray text. This Place Type is not included in the Template Code as the requirements for this (likely) single use place would be very specific to that single use. The Districts (with Uses and Building Types) would not be applicable to such a place, but are geared more towards walkable centers and corridors with a mix of uses.

Tier 2: Districts, Streets, & Open Space

Each Place Type permits a unique mix of Districts, Street Types, and Open Space Types. Different quantities of the Districts also help define the Place Types; for example, the Metropolitan Center consists mainly of Core and General Districts; while the Urban Neighborhood consists mainly of General and Edge Districts. The combination of Districts, Streets, and Open Space work together to create an identifiable public realm, defined by the streetscape from the building face to building face on opposite sides of the street.

Tier 3: Uses & Building Types

Districts permit a mix of Uses and Building Types. Some Districts permit a fairly succinct set of Uses permitted within only a couple of Building Types, while other Districts are very flexible, permitting a wide range of Uses in a variety of different allowed Building Types.