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Implementing CentersThere are many barriers to developing higher-density, mixed-use centers and corridors. Market demand, environmental and physical constraints, current zoning and land use regulations, as well as public infrastructure capacity often produce these barriers, making desired development costly, difficult, or impractical. The Implementing Centers tool can help communities determine potential development barriers and provide strategies for how to address them.

The tool is made up several pieces that are used together to produce actionable reports for a community to follow in order to implement their vision. The Community Development Guidebook and the three pre-development checklists allow users to better understand the community development process while also providing a user-friendly method for assessing and documenting current conditions. As a user completes the checklists, the guidebook serves as a resource for addressing barriers by providing potential implementation and financing strategies, ultimately producing a plan of action for the community to follow in order to become more development friendly.

The Market Analysis report provides a regional market perspective of the Wasatch Front, while also providing site specific reports for catalytic sites throughout the region. The document also provides a market analysis methodology that communities can follow to produce their own report to better understand their current market conditions.

Analysis of local transit station areas in the Demonstration Site Analysis report provides examples of common barriers to development and can be used as a template for reporting this information. By identifying the barriers to development and understanding strategies to address them, communities can recognize their role in creating opportunities for higher density, mixed-use development and implementing the Wasatch Choice for 2040 vision.

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