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Your Utah. Your Future


Our state’s population has doubled in the last thirty years, and we’re projected to add another 2.5 million people by 2050.  Together, we can establish a vision for the future for our Utah and our future.

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Utah Water Strategy

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Utah's population will double by 2060, and all of those people—our children and grandchildren—will need water.

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Utah County Agriculture

Future of Agriculture

Utahns envision feeding their families with healthy, high-quality food grown in Utah. They see an abundance of locally grown products as part of a healthy lifestyle that will improve the quality of life for them and future generations. 

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Utah Education


Education is one of Utahns’ top concerns for the future and is essential to maintain a strong economy and high quality of life. Utahns have a clear vision of what they want education to be like in coming decades, and there are some concrete steps to make that vision a reality.

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Clean Air Action Team

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Utahns want cleaner air, and they want it fast. The Clear Air Action Team was tasked with helping understand the options and create a vision for the future of air quality, now the team is working to help turn that vision into reality and ensure cleaner air for everyone. 

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Provo Clean Air Toolkit


In 2014, Provo was awarded a grant by Utah Clean Air (UCAIR) to pursue a “Clean Air Toolkit”. The toolkit’s goal was to present local residents and businesses with a centralized list of strategies they could use to achieve cleaner air in Utah County, and to make clean air the common goal of Provo City’s strategic planning and operations.

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Quality Communities

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As cities and towns grow, how do we keep life convenient and make sure our communities are still great places to live? In part by restoring historic fabric of neighborhood, village, town, and urban centers and by building a pattern of new centers in years to come.

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Point of the Mountain


The Point of the Mountain area is well situated to become an economic powerhouse and home to Utah’s booming high-tech industry. With the right vision, this area could generate billions of dollars in economic growth and maintain Utah’s high quality of life with convenient travel, good jobs, and improved air quality.

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Wasatch Choice 2040


Wasatch Choice for 2040 considers how growth, transportation, and open space can be shaped for the next few decades to have outstanding positive impacts on the life of residents in the Greater Wasatch Area.

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Envision Layton


Envision Layton is a community visioning effort that began with the Layton City Council and Planning Commission looking for a creative and effective way to gather public input in a city-wide planning effort to update the city’s General Plan, which outlines the goals and policies for the growth and development of the city.

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Project Archive

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Since facilitating the Quality Growth Strategy, Envision Utah has partnered with more than 100 communities throughout Utah. To date, more than 50,000 Utahns have participated in Envision Utah-facilitated efforts.

Browse some of the results of these efforts.

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